Unveiling the complex flavour profile of our Colombian Geisha

This exceptional coffee variety, cultivated on an 80-year-old plantation, goes through a 90-hour ferment in sealed barrels and is then sun-dried for approximately 30 days. Our fellow coffee enthusiasts love the light mouthfeel replaced by a sparkling acid, leaving a rum note aftertaste.


So, what is Geisha Coffee?

Geisha is simply a coffee masterpiece. A masterpiece of a bean that embodies elegance and captures the essence of refinement. It is said that this exceptional coffee bean variety originated from the Gori Gesha Forest in Ethiopia, and was later brought to Panama and then Colombia, where it flourished to attain its legendary status.  

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Hailing from the pristine high-altitude regions of Colombia, this extraordinary bean is a testament to nature’s artistry. Revered for its exceptional rarity, the Geisha coffee dazzles the palate with its delicate floral notes, enchanting the senses with a symphony of aromas.

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The bean is cultivated with meticulous care, as each Geisha bean undergoes a transformative journey absorbing the rich nutrients of its mountainous surroundings, it results in a cup that exudes sophistication and complexity.

James Hoffman, World Barista Champion describes Geisha Coffee as a “Symphony in a cup, with each sip revealing new layers of complexity and sophistication. It’s a true sensory delight.”

Martha’s Story

In recent years, Geisha has been cultivated in Colombia. One exceptional example is the coffee grown by Martha Cecilia Rodriguez. Martha is a coffee farmer in Colombia, and her family has been growing coffee on their 80-year-old plantation for generations.

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In 2021, Martha decided to make the switch to the Geisha variety, which is known for its high value and unique flavour profile. She chose to process the coffee as a natural anaerobic, which means deliberately depriving the coffee of oxygen in order for a longer fermentation phase. This negates the risks of overfermentation and unpleasant notes being added to the coffee, as could happen in an open environment.


The Geisha coffee grown by Martha is cultivated at an altitude of 1,800 metres above sea level, which provides optimal growing conditions for the beans. The coffee is then subjected to a 90-hour fermentation process in dry sealed barrels, that allows the beans to develop their unique flavour profile. After fermentation, the beans are sun-dried for approximately 30 days on a covered patio, helping to preserve their delicate flavours.

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The result convinces with an exceptional cup profile. The flavour notes of tropical sweet banana, herbs de Provence, and orange are expanded upon, and the light mouthfeel is replaced by a sparkling acidity that leaves a beautiful rum note aftertaste. This flavour profile is a testament to the care and attention that Martha puts into every step of the coffee cultivation and processing process.  


What makes Geisha so exceptional?

It is the most exclusive coffee in the world, and that is up to a couple factors. Geisha beans aren’t easy to cultivate. For a successful crop, a high altitude is necessary, and it is important that the coffee processing procedures follow right after.

Another factor is the rarity of these beans due to their weak root systems. This prevents sufficient water and nutrient intake resulting in a plant that cannot produce as many beans as other coffee plant varietals. Moreover, what sets Martha’s Geisha coffee apart from other Geisha beans, is her passion for a high-quality product. The small size of Martha’s farm, produces an exclusive amount of beans each year.

This Columbian Geisha is a prime example of how this variety can be successfully cultivated with exceptional results. A truly unique flavour profile that is sure to impress even the most discerning coffee drinkers.

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For those in pursuit of an unparalleled coffee experience, behold a rare gem radiating all senses. Embark on a voyage to South America as you savour the allure and exclusivity of the Geisha Coffee, available at Vicky Coffee now as one-time purchase, or as part of our subscription plans.