We are an independent coffee roaster proudly based in Gozo, Malta.  We are bound by the following ethos: 


“Sourcing and roasting exceptional coffee beans responsibly, while bringing people and businesses together over a great cup of coffee.”

Artisan Coffee Roaster in Gozo

100% Organic

We care about sourcing our coffee beans from knowledgeable and well-respected farmers in well selected coffee cultivating regions.

High Quality

At Vicky Coffee, we collaborate with certified partners to assure quality throughout growing, harvesting and processing our coffee beans.

Fresh Roasts

Our roasters deliver a consistently high quality and exciting coffee portfolio thanks to their educational background and vast experience.

Vast Selection

Coffee Roasting is an artisanal craft. We take pride in creating new exciting selections for a great coffee experience, cup and cup again.


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We love coffee, its culture, its experience and how it connects people, bringing everyone around one table. Explore our latest selections and coffee tools to enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your home!