‘Arriba’ A journey of sustainability, passion and intense flavours

Mexico holds a rich cultural heritage and is widely known for its rooted traditions. Coffee plays an integral part in Mexico’s culture and society. Indeed, it has a long standing history of coffee cultivation with some regions having produced coffee for over a century.

This tradition has helped shape the unique flavour profiles and processing methods used by Mexican bean producers.

The people of Mexico are renowned for their passionate approach to life, and this extends to their love for coffee.

Being the 9th largest coffee producer in the world, Mexico produced between 3.8 and 4.3 million 60/kg bags of coffee during the last period (MY 2021/22), according to ANICAFE.

Coffee beans grown in Mexico are known for unique flavour profile and characteristics, which are influenced by the regional altitude, soil, and climate. Typically grown at high altitudes, coffee beans cultivated in Mexico carry a medium body with flavours that are often described as nutty, chocolatey, and sometimes with hints of fruit or floral notes.

Many coffee producers in Mexico are committed to sustainable and ethical practices such as shade-grown coffee, fair trade certification, and organic farming methods. As a result, coffees from this part of the world are widely recognised as a high-quality and a socially responsible choice for coffee enthusiasts.

A Special Location Crafting A Unique Cup Profile: Finca El Olmo

Our new Specialty Coffee Finca El Olmo originates from the El Olmo farm, located close to the city of Teocelo in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

The estate’s name refers to an endangered tree “Olmo” from the local area. The estate homes several “Olmo” trees on the farm that are over a hundred years old. The coffee beans grow at high altitudes about 1,300 metres above sea level.

The cooler temperatures provide shade that allow the coffee beans to mature at slower pace. In result, the beans become denser, giving them a deeper flavour full of beautiful aromas.

Mexico Coffee Beans Malta

How Sustainability Measures Enrich Flavours

Coffee is facing environmental challenges globally due to climate change, which is why Finca El Olmo takes sustainability very seriously. The multicultural team at the El Olmo farm pledges to implement unique sustainable approaches including solar panels, organic compost, and tree planting.

Finca El Omo sustainable Farming

This estate is one of the few in Latin America that operate entirely on renewable energy using solar panels.

It makes use of the organic waste such as coffee pulp to produce organic fertilizers.

With strong roots as a third generation coffee producer in Mexico, environmental responsibility goes beyond tree-planting to avoid soil and water damage.

While sun-grown systems deliver higher yields, at Finca El Olmo, a shade-grow coffee cultivation is favoured, supporting natural ecology including habitat, birds, native flora, fauna, pollination and air.

An Eco-friendly Drying Process

When it comes to processing, this natural coffee specialty benefits from the use of artisan African raised drying beds. This method doesn’t just provide a more consistent coffee, but it also requires less water and energy, making it an eco-friendly drying process.

How does this Coffee Taste Like?

This South American bean cup profile is a delicious combination of sweet and tart notes with a tropical twist. The juicy pineapple notes are perfectly balanced with the creamy nougat sweetness, making it a truly decadent treat. The hints of rum add a subtle richness that will give you a mouth-watering sensation that will leave you craving more.


Want to try it for yourself?

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