Shakin’ things up: More than Espresso.

About Brewing Methods, Cultures and Best Profiles

Whilst fellow coffee enthusiasts around the globe appreciate a great ounce of freshly brewed espresso, coffee cultures from near and far embrace a variety of brewing methods that allow cup profiles to unfurl. 

We spill the beans on some more or less known brewing methods, their advantages and drawbacks, from steeping over dripping up to pressure. Let’s go:


Steeping your beans enables the generous extraction of flavor and caffeine. The following  full-immersion methods put your beans in direct contact with water for a few minutes:

  1. French Press coffee is quick and easy to make. We love this brewing method as it produces a rich and textured coffee result for one or several cups as per French Press size. Using a medium coarse ground coffee, pour boiling water on top of the and steep for three to four minutes. Then use the filter press and your coffee is ready to serve.

  2. To create a Cold Brew coffee, we are combining coarsely ground coffee beans with room-temperature water in a Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Whilst easy to make, cold brew coffee takes more time. The mixture needs to sit for several hours or overnight, depending on how strong the coffee shall be. It is low in acidity and slightly sweet. Before serving as is or poured over ice, the grounds need to be strained.

A Siphon Brewer produces a clear, smooth and flavorful coffee and is likely one of the most  impressive types of coffee brewers out there. However the equipment is rather expensive, difficult to clean and requires expert knowledge. 

The Siphon uses a heat-induced vacuum to pull water up into the medium-coarse coffee grounds. Once steeped, the coffee is pulled back into the lower chamber and now ready to be served.



This is one of the oldest, simplest, fastest and cheapest ways to brew coffee.

4. When brewing for a group of people, auto-drip machines are a popular, easy to use and low-cost option. The medium ground coffee is added to the placed filter paper, water is filled in the container, and you are set – The machine does the rest of the brewing work! It usually has a hot plate to keep the coffee warm for an additional 1-2 hours – perfectly suitable for an office!

If you favour this brewing method, we recommend the Mocca Master.


5. We love pour-overs! There are quite a few renown brands producing their own designs of the pour-over nowadays that deliver slightly different coffee. A quick and easy process for a cup of goodness: Place the pour-over on top of a mug or server, add a paper filter with medium-grind coffee. Add water on top and allow it to drip through into the mug. Produces clear, strong coffee without sediment or oils. Attention the selected filter paper can alter the taste of your coffee!

Did you ever hear of the Origami Dripper? A great coffee gadget that we love. 

6. If you enjoy the flavour and texture of pour-overs but like to brew more than just one cup at a time, we recommend trying out the Chemex. It looks great, it’s fast and removes sediments and oils for a clear cup result.

Set up the Chemex’s thick filters at the top of the brewer and fill with medium-coarse coffee ground. Now, add hot water and the pour-over brews directly into the carafe.



Pressure-based methods require machinery or equipment to facilitate the brewing process. In general, pressure is used to move water quickly through grounds to produce the coffee result.


7. Espresso machines can be expensive and complicated to operate and clean, but they’re indispensable to craft a great shot of espresso. By pushing highly pressurized hot water through finely grinded coffee that has been tightly packed into a portafilter, we craft that great ounce of espresso that everyone loves. 

8. The Moka Pot produces a coffee that is very similar to espresso. It’s a fairly easy brewing method. Simply add fine grounds and water to the brewer and place it on the stovetop. Once the water heats up, it turns into steam, passing through the grounds and condensing into brewed coffee on the top. This coffee result is concentrated and rich, with a light texture – delicious!

9. The AeroPress is a handheld coffee maker that produces an espresso-type coffee fairly swiftly. There are few ways you can brew your coffee with this coffee gadget. The general process involves adding coffee ground, a paper filter, and hot water. After a few minutes of steeping, push the plunger to filter the coffee.

It’s a highly customisable tool, great for experimentation. We love the Aeropress thanks to its lightweight, portable design and rich coffee result whilst being very affordable. 

Attention: You need the specific filter paper!

And there is so much more: Vietnamese Phin, Nitrous Coffee,Pod Machines, Turkish Method, Coffee Bags and Instant Coffee etc. 

At Vicky Coffee, we embrace coffee brewing methods that bring out the best cup profile and deliver a great experience in the ‘right moment’.

If you wish to explore new methods, equipment and flavors, we’d love to become a part of your coffee journey and help you choose what best suits your needs and desired coffee result. Feel free to visit us at Victoria Central.

Along the lines of Queen Victoria: “We will not have failure. Only success and new learning.”

If you are curious to explore and taste some new single origin or specialty coffees, why don’t you join our next cupping session

Happy Brewing !