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How to make the perfect Aeropress coffee

The Aeropress is a godsend for coffee lovers due to its ease of use, portability, and affordability. Unlike some other coffee-making methods, there isn’t a vast and overly complex learning curve when it comes to making the perfect Aeropress coffee. But there are some simple guidelines to follow and a few tips that will take your cup to the next level, brought to you with love by Vicky Coffee.



  • Medium-fine ground coffee of your choice
  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress scoop and paddle
  • Filter paper
  • Kettle
  • A timer
  • The coffee cup of your preference


So you have got everything you need to make the perfect Aeropress coffee; now it is time to make it.


  1. First things first, you need to heat up the water. You should use either bottled water or filtered tap water, depending on your setup at home. In the case you use bottled water, it is best to pick one with a medium mineral content because if it is too high, it will mute the flavour of your cup. Such water can also cause build-up in your kettle and machine, which is something we want to avoid. Aim to make your coffee with soft water for the best brew. Put the water in your kettle and heat until it boils.

  2. Place the Aeropress plunge into the outer tube, ensuring that the seal aligns with the number four. You should then stand it on its end so that the number four is the one closest to the table.

  3. Then, with your Aeropress scoop in hand, take the appropriate amount of your preferred coffee from Vicky Coffee, ensuring it is medium-fine ground. You should aim for around 16g of coffee in total.

  4. Get your timer ready to go but in the meantime, fill the tube with the hot water, so it reaches the bottom where the number one is.

  5. Using your specialised coffee-stirring paddle, stir your coffee five times while starting your timer for a period of sixty seconds.

  6. Now it is time to ready your filter paper by placing it into the filter holder and pouring the hot water through it to ensure it is rinsed. By rinsing the paper before using it to make coffee, you can be sure that it will not impact the flavour of the cup negatively. It allows the delicious flavours of your preferred roast to shine through to its full potential.

  7. Screw the filter holder onto the top of the Aeropress and wait for one minute.

  8. After the minute has passed, it is time to put your coffee cup upside down on top of the Aeropress and then carefully but confidently flip the stack over and place the base of the cup on the surface below.

  9. Once the cup is in place with the Aeropress within it, press the inner chamber down slowly and watch your perfect cup come to life. It should take one minute to press all the water through the filter.

  10. It is then time to add milk or sugar and sit back and enjoy your perfect Aeropress coffee in peace.



Everyone has their own preferred methods for making the perfect Aeropress coffee, but here are some of our favourites. Feel free to experiment, discard, or adopt, depending on your own personal preferences!


  • The optimum temperature for your water is between 80 and 84 Degree Celsius, so just before it boils. You can heat it in the microwave, measuring the temperature periodically and noting the time that it reaches this ideal temperature. This will make it easier for you to get the perfect temperature for your brew in future.

  • If you increase the amount of coffee to around 60g when you brew, this super-concentrated coffee can then be used to dilute to a full litre, increasing the cup number to four.

  • Your filters can be used more than once if you rinse them carefully with warm water after each use and then let them dry.

  • Pressing gently during the last steps actually yields the best-tasting coffee. It slows the water flow and results in a better, richer taste. Also, be sure not to push the plunger down the whole way, as it can result in a bitter taste due to over-extraction.

  • For optimum results, give your Aeropress a rinse with warm water before brewing, or even give it a ‘blind press’ without coffee before you start. This warms up the machine and gets the filter ready to be used.

For any questions about Aeropress, tips on making coffee, the perfect beans or grounds, or anything else coffee-related, Vicky Coffee are happy to help! Just click to the right and you can talk to us via web chat for all your coffee-related needs.