A journey into the essence of Kalledevarapura

The world of coffee holds an abundance of hidden treasures, and Kalledevarapura stands as a shining star in this realm. Situated in the Baba Budangiri Hills, the region where coffee was first planted in India back in the 1670s, this picturesque coffee-growing region boasts a history steeped in tradition and a dedication to cultivating exceptional coffee beans.


So, join us on a journey to the producers of this bean, the Nagambica Estate, as we delve into unravelling the secrets behind this coffee’s distinctive aroma and unrivalled taste.

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Flavour Profile

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Kalledevarapura coffee is its well-rounded and balanced taste. The medium-bodied brew offers a delightful combination of sweetness and subtle acidity, resulting in a harmonious flavour experience.

Notes of roasted almonds, hazelnut, and creamy nougat create a complex, yet approachable profile that captivates coffee aficionados and newcomers alike.

As the aroma wafts from your cup, you will be greeted with exceptional flavours that can be attributed to the precise cultivation and processing steps employed by the farmers of the region, taking the beans through a washing process.

This washing process constitutes of the seeds being submerged in fresh water and agitated; it is repeated a couple of times over until the mucilage is removed. This process is a perfect way to highlight the captivating vibrant notes of the Indian bean further.

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Organic Cultivation

The fifth-generation eco-friendly coffee growers make use of organic matters to fertilise plants. The coffee beans are then nurtured by the rich soil and the warm and humid climate of India. The beans are then carefully harvested, washed, and then sundried, adding an extra layer of complexity to the final cup.

Coffee Specialty Kalledevarapura

Our Kalledevarapura in India stands as a true gem in the world of coffee, offering a captivating journey into the essence of Indian coffee. With its rich history, meticulous cultivation, and unique flavor profile, Kalledevarapura establishes itself as a heavy weight coffee bean, making it perfect for the wide array of brewing tools available here.

Embark on your very own Indian journey of Kalledevarapura, available now as a one-time purchase, or as part of our subscription plan.